Friday, July 21, 2017


Starring: Fionn Whitehead, Aneurin Barnard, Harry Styles, Mark Rylance, Barry Keoghan, Jack Lowden, Tom Hardy, Tom Glynn-Carney, Kenneth Branagh, Damian Bonnard and James Bloor
Running Time: 1 Hour and 46 Minutes

What a completely engrossing movie! One of the most realistic movies I have ever seen!
Dunkirk is the true story of an epic war event that took place between May 26th to June 4th, 1940 in Dunkirk, France during World War II. 400,000 Allied troops (British, French, Polish, Belgian and Netherlands) found themselves trapped by the Nazi's closing in on all sides in the remote area of Dunkirk. They were at the mercy of (mostly British) civilian humanitarians. The call went out to anyone in England who had access to a boat or boating vessel of any kind to answer to the plea for help.
This movie takes place from the land, the sea and the air. There is a lot going on with three different viewpoints taking place. Everyone's life is in peril and they have to think smart and fast!
It's so humbling to see these extremely young soldiers trying desperately to make the right choices and still putting the wounded before themselves for the greater good.
Director Christopher Nolan known for these great movies ("The Dark Knight", " Dark Knight Rises", "Inception", "Interstellar" and "Batman Begins" to name a few) broke out of his regular fictional movies to "Dunkirk", and he did an outstanding job!
The scenery and the photography, especially the. action scenes are second to none! You feel completely immersed into the drama and the vulnerable surroundings! Hans Zimmer does the intense musical score which just helps to keep you on the edge of your seat as well.
The movie is loosely based on three young soldiers, Tommy (Fiona Whitehead), Gibson (Aneurin Barnard) and Alex (Harry Styles)... yes, the Harry Styles from the legendary rockband
"One Direction"! They are the "on land" story which depicts their incredible struggle to just stay alive during this most trying time!
Then you have the "on air" story,which depicts an RAF pilot,  Farrier (Tom Hardy) who struggles mightily to save the friendly troops and survive the enemy all the while trying to fly his plane.
Lastly, you have the "on sea" story ever unfolding. This is the story of a civilian father Mr. Dawson (Mark Rylance) and his two sons George (Barry Keoghan) and Collins (Jack Lowden). who set out on a yacht to help save their military comrades.
All in all this is a very dramatic edge of your seat spectacle that will leave you moved beyond your imagination!
The "Battle of Dunkirk"is also know as the "Miracle of Dunkirk"! The movie poster says something to the effect, that if the soldiers couldn't get home, then home came to them!
I think that pretty much sums it all up! They recommend that you see "Dunkirk" in a 70 mm theater.. however, there are no 70 mm theaters in Utah. So, make sure you see this epic story in an IMAX theater!!!
Parents be advised: "Dunkirk" is rated PG-13. This movie is about true, actual war events with violence and extreme action sequences. Fortunately they spare you the real gritty, blood and bodies being ripped apart in this movie. It wasn't as gruesome as what I thought is was going to be. There is some profanity, two F-bombs are dropped and some other mild curse words. I would not recommend this movie for children under fourteen. The entire movie is very intense!
I am giving "Dunkirk", four bags of popcorn.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Spider-man: Homecoming

Starring: Tom Holland, Michael Keaton, Robert Downey Jr., Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Jon Favreau, Laura Harrier, Donald Glover and Zendaya
Running Time: 2 Hours and 13 Minutes

Back to the ultimate gravity-defying teenage superhero!
Peter Parker AKA Spider-man (Tom Holland) stars as a geeky High School Sophomore who lives at home with his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei). Still overwhelmed by his experiences with The Avengers fresh on his mind, he diligently strives to be very discreet about his true identity. He also just happens to have an internship with Stark Enterprises under the guidance of  the infamous Tony Stark AKA Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.).
 When his best friend Ned (Jacob Batalon) a superhero fanboy, just happens to surprise Peter in Peter's own bedroom, the cat is out of the bag! Peter not knowing that Ned was there, was climbing on the ceiling in his Spider-man suit when Ned caught him red-handed and was elated that his very best-friend Peter Parker, was indeed the elusive super-hero, Spider-man! Peter tries desperately to deny it but the evidence speaks for itself. Peter finally concedes and demands that Ned keeps his ultimate secret. Then the action really begins! Spider-man eventually encounters Adrian Toomes AKA The Vulture (Michael Keaton), a formidable foe. Adrian stars as a conniving and evil man who is determined to take down and destroy young Spider-man!
This movie is a great addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It takes you from Peter's humble beginnings as the friendly neighborhood Spider-man to a real strong Superhero!
I found "Spider-man: Homecoming" to be a lot of fun. A movie with a new revved up and more believable Spider-man. It was an entertaining story with a lot of comedy and humor.
Parents be advised: This movie is rated PG-13. It contains some mild profanity, sci-fi action violence and a brief reference by Peter's friend Ned about pornography.
I am giving "Spider-man: Homecoming" three and a half bags of popcorn.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cars 3

Starring the voices of: Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Larry the Cable Guy, Chris Cooper, Nathan Fillion, Armie Hammer, Ray Magliozzi, Tony Shaloub and Bonnie Hunt
Running Time: 1 Hour and 49 Minutes

The legendary Lightening McQueen is back! It was fun to return back to "The Cars" franchise.
The original "Cars" was released all the way back in 2006, "Cars 2" in 2011 and now we have
 "Cars 3".
This was very sweet and tender movie that primarily focuses on racing superstar, Lightening McQueen (Owen Wilson) who Is returning back to the racing scene with a lot of bright and shiny fast entertainment.
Lightening finds himself just a little overwhelmed when a very fancy new generation race car, Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer) rolls into town! Lightening is use to being the number one draw at the speedway. Suddenly he feels like he is being overlooked for this flamboyant new kid on the block! When Lightening's good buddies start to get discouraged by Jackson Storm, they start to retire from the racetrack while Lightening is starting to lose his own self confidence and questioning his own ability to race. On his final race he finds himself in a bad crash where he sustains some serious damage! He questions if he is getting too old to race anymore and considers whether he should retire too?
He consults with his great friends from Radiator Springs, Sally (Bonnie Hunt and Mater (Larry the cable guy) fortunately,  they encourage him and boost his confidence to get back on the racing circuit. He leaves for Florida to begin training and he unexpectedly has a new sponsor, Sterling (Nathan Fillion) who has a fantastic state of the art facility. Lightening still questions if he has the prowess or if he is getting too old to continue to race?
" Cars 3" felt like it had returned to the original and sweet story of "Cars 1". It felt more true to form. This is a story that the entire family can go and see and all will enjoy it without hesitation. As with all Disney Pixar movies, the visuals were off of the chart! Just a charming little movie
Parents be advised: "Cars 3" is rated G, it's been a really long time since I have reviewed a movie rated "G"! It's really nice  and refreshing to finally have a "G" rated movie in the theaters.
I am giving "Cars 3" four bags of popcorn.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Wonder Woman


Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Lilly Aspell, Robin Wright, Connie Nielsen, Danny Huston, David Thewlis,
 Said Taghmaoui, Ewen Bremerton and Eugene Brave Rock
Running Time: 2 Hours and 21 Minutes

Wow, "Wonder Woman" (Gal Gadot) was... wonderful!
 When I screened this movie I had very little 
expectations and I came away very pleasantly surprised!
I actually have a new favorite super-hero! 
I loved the way the movie began, how they set up the foundation for her life and how she developed into the strong and courageous young woman with a determination to always do the right.
She is a fierce warrior who never lets fear or trepidation stand in her way.
Young Diana (Lilly Aspell) grows up in a very beautiful environment filled with love and respect, surrounded by only women in a place called Amazon.
There she learns to become a skilled warrior capable of defending herself and others after much practice and training. Her aunt Antiope (Robin Wright) takes her under her wing and teaches her all of her own skills when she see great potential in Diana.
One day while looking out over the horizon she sees an airplane take a nosedive directly into the ocean and she knows she has no time to waste to save this pilot. She literally jumps into action and dives into the water to save this person.
Enter Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and suddenly she has encountered her very first human male. Unfortunately he is being followed by a whole host of enemy soldiers trying to kill him because he is a spy! They are in a ship and boats and come ashore where a battle takes place against the female warriors of Amazon. There is a very high death count and Diana is determined it is time for her to leave against her mothers wishes and take down the enemy which started this 
wicked World War I.
She sets out on a boat with Streve Trevor so that she can go and fight against the enemy and save all of mankind. 
I found this movie to touch on all sides of human emotion. First, there is incredible chemistry  between Diana and Steve. Plus there is some fun humor and great relationships develop. Some history and the agony of war is present plus the nefarious bad guys are present and it just makes for a really good story.
I really enjoyed this movie and I think anyone who has reservations about a female super-hero will be pleasantly surprised by "Wonder Woman"! 
FYI... no need to stay for the "after the credits" scenes because there are none! 
Save your valuable 15 minutes.
Parents be advised: This movie is rated PG-13. There is definitely the horror of war on the front lines and the diabolical evil minded enemies always  trying to constantly concoct insidious new ways to end human life. There is some mild profanity and Chris Pine has a scene where he comes out of some mineral pools without any clothing, he quickly covers himself, also some talk of human reproduction between Diana and Steve.
I am giving "Wonder Woman" four bags of popcorn.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Starring: Johnny Depp, Javier Barden, Kaya Scodelario, Brenton Thwaites, Geoffrey Rush, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley and Paul McCartney
Running Time: 2 Hours and 9 minutes

Johnny Depp reprises his role as Captain Jack Sparrow in this fifth installment of
"The Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise.
The 1st and original was released in 2003; "Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl".
The 2nd in 2006; "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest".
The 3rd in 2007;  "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"
The 4th in 2011: "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides".
It has been fourteen years since the first movie and six years since the last movie.
I was so happy when I heard that they were going to make another sequel. (I am a huge Disneyland fan and I love The Pirates of the Caribbean ride, it never gets old!) so it was with excitement and great anticipation that I screened this new movie.
I was not disappointed!
Johnny Depp did a great job as he usually does. This movie felt like they had moved back to more of the original story-line than they had in the past two sequels.
This is just a fun swashbuckling movie for fans of the pirate movies. More excitement and more action await as the the nefarious dead pirate, Captain Salazar (Javier Barden) escapes from the Devil's Triangle. Captain Jack has to think quick while consuming large amounts of Rum how he can locate the the infamous, Trident of the Poseidon to help to defeat the evil Captain Salazar.
He has to rely on two new characters, Henry Turner (Brenton Thwaites) who just happens to be Will Turner's (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann's (Keira Knightley) son and Carina Smyth (Kaya Scodelario) who just happens to be Captain Hector Barbossa's daughter. There seems to be a love interest between these two new characters. She is proficient at Astronomy and Captain Jack needs her expertise. They also delve into a little bit of Captain Jack's past as a young man which was very interesting!
This movie is just for fun and a great escape movie. Simply entertainment meshed with a ton of pirate action, special effects and some emotion too. I think if you are a fan of the pirate movies, you will enjoy this one.
Make sure if you go and see this movie that you are not late! It starts out with a bang that sets up the entire story. Plus, don't leave until... after the credits!!! A great surprise awaits that will keep you guessing for the next sequel if it does indeed happen?!?
Parents be advised: This is a PG-13 rated movie. There is some fierce pirate fighting sequences with swords and also some scary pirate ghost characters that might be too intense for young viewers and some mild profanity. I would recommend this movie for children over the age of 12.
I am giving "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" three bags of popcorn.

Friday, April 14, 2017


Starring: Chris Evans, McKenna Grace, Lindsay Duncan, Jenny Slate and Octavia Spencer
Running Time: 1 Hour and 41 Minutes

This movie was a sweet surprise. It is the story of a young man Frank Adler (Chris Evans) who inherited his sister's six year old daughter Mary (Grace McKenna) after his sister committed suicide. Young Mary just happens to be a mathematical genius and a child prodigy.
Frank finds his world turned upside down and puts every effort he has into making a wonderful life for little Mary. The two of them develop a tender and sweet relationship.They live in Florida where Frank repairs boats and lives in a rundown house.
When Mary starts school she finds herself very bored and she is not being challenged enough. Her teacher Bonnie (Jenny Slate) notices she is not fitting in like the other students. Mary became frustrated and demanded to have Frank come and get her from school. When Mary returns, her teacher decides to challenge her and Mary completes her work at breakneck speed. Her teacher consults with the principal where they determine that Mary is "Gifted". They invite Frank in to discuss their findings with him and recommend a special school for her. Frank refuses and demands to keep her at the local elementary school.
Enter Frank's long lost mother Evelyn (Lindsay Duncan). She is a very proper English woman who suddenly shows up at Frank's front door. She found out that little Mary is a prodigy and demands to take her to her home in Boston and raise her in a more stable environment where she will supply her with all the tools she needs to be challenged and educated in her style.
Little Mary's mother was also a prodigy and a mathematical genius. Her mother Evelyn pushed her and was a very dominant force in her life! Evelyn really wants an opportunity to help move Mary in that same direction.
Frank and Evelyn lock horns and all chaos ensues!
I really enjoyed this movie. I found it to be very touching and heartwarming. Chris Evans did a really good job as Frank and it was great to see him in a serious role. Little Grace McKenna was incredible as Mary, I'm sure we will see her around in a lot more movies in the future. If you just want to go and see a sweet movie and have a break from the regular  intense movies, this will fill the bill.
Parents be advised: This movie is rated PG-13. There is really nothing objectionable about this movie other than some fighting and genuine showing of raw emotion. Also when Frank is really stressed out he drops one F-bomb.
I am giving "Gifted". three bags of popcorn.

The Fate Of The Furious

Starring: Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson,Ludacris, Charlize Theron,Kurt Russell, Nathalie Emmanuel, Luke Evans, Kristofer Hivju, Helen Mirren and Scott Eastwood
Running Time: 2 Hours and 16 Minutes

Okay, so here we are once again and the gang is all here with the exception of course, of our beloved Paul Walker. This is the EIGTH  (octoquel) installment of "The Fast And The Furious" franchise!
When Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) are finally honeymooning in
Havana, Cuba.
Dom suddenly finds himself being challenged to race the so-called leader (or bully) of the racing gang in Cuba, in order to save an old, beat up car for his cousin or his young cousin has to forfeit his car to the leader. The issue is that Dom has to race in the old beat up car! It is quite the race scene. Dom kicks in the Nos (nitrous oxide system) and it is pure pedal-to-the-medal classic "Fast and Furious" street racing!
This movie starts out with a bang! Lots of Latin culture and the flavor of Cuba which is interesting to see.
When Dom ventures out the next day he encounters Cipher (Charlize Theron) from his past who threatens him (or blackmails him) to turn against his racing buddies and his new wife Letty.
She shows Dom  a picture on her cell phone where he finds out he is actually the father of a newborn son from another woman he was previously involved with.
Cipher is some kind of an evil villain type that will do anything for power! She has kidnapped the woman and the newborn baby and put them on an airplane with her.
The whole movie is based on Dom finding a way to save the baby before Cipher does something to harm the baby. His friends and Letty have no idea why he has turned against them and continue to believe the best in him. This movie is full of mind-blowing stunts and special effects that are unbelievable. There is a chase scene in New York  with the Russian defense minister who just happens to be carrying a briefcase of nuclear codes that ultimately takes them to an unbelievable showdown in Russia.
The gang including; Letty, Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Ramsey (Nathalie Emmanuel), Roman (Tyrese Gibson), Tej (Ludracris) all end up at some kind of Russian military outpost in the middle of nowhere where all crap breaks loose and a huge race/fight takes place on the frozen tundra. All of the drivers are there with the customized fancy race cars going as fast as they can on the ice and snow all while being chased down by the Russians! They are confronted with a gigantic, disastrous nuclear submarine that comes crashing through the ice when Dom saves the day!
Oh, and also, the baby is saved off of the airplane before it goes down and Cipher parachutes safely off the plane too, leaving her character wide open for a sequel.
They eventually all end up at one of their homes where they are all having a party when Dom introduces the newest member of the gang and all is well!?!?
This movie is classic "Fast And Furious" style. It stays true to the franchise and you will get the
 "The Fast and Furious" thrill out of this one too For me personally, I just really miss Paul Walker and his character Brian O'Conner. It just doesn't have the same feel without him. They introduced a new character in this movie, Little Nobody (Scott Eastwood). He just happens to be Clint Eastwood's very handsome son that has a similar look to Paul Walker  and he was also a close friend to Paul Walker for several years as well. It will be interesting to see if they decide to develop his character in the next sequel due out on April 19th 2019.
Parents be advised: This is a hard PG-13. Brief scantily-clothed women in the beginning, crazy racing scenes, violence, destruction and some suggestive content too. Of course they drop one f-bomb and several other curse words.
I am giving "The Fate Of The Furious" two and a half bags of popcorn.

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