Friday, June 14, 2013

Man Of Steel

Starring: Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane, Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe and Antje Traue.
Running Time: 2 Hours and 23 Minutes

Okay, so there has been a lot of talk about this movie. Some people are even saying that it has an over-riding Christian message to it. If that is the case, then it is alright with me!
While there have been many "Superman" movies, this one, "Man Of Steel", was really good.
 I am partial to Christopher Reeve as the super-hero but Henry Cavill did a very good and convincing job.
We begin as Superman (Henry Cavill) is being born while the planet he is on is under assault. With the transition taking place and his future at stake, his parents Jor El (Russell Crowe) and Faora Ul (Antje Traue) make the decision to send him to planet earth where he will grow up safe and help save mankind.
The evil General Zod (Michael Shannon) is frantic to find the baby Superman and pledges he will not rest until he does! That sets up the plot for this story.
Young Clark Kent grows up on a farm as an only child with his earthly parents, Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner) and Martha Kent (Diane Lane). They recognize that he is not an ordinary child.
 They discover that he has super-strength and super-powers that are far superior to anyone living on earth and that he does indeed have an extraterrestrial heritage! They teach him that he can never, ever use his powers, that he must suppress them, that he must fit into society just like the rest of the kids for his own safety.
He attends school and settles into regular life just as any other ordinary child would.
I especially liked one particular scene where he is on the school bus with the other students when he is approached by a bully! He finally cannot suppress his super-powers any longer and uses them to strike back at the bully!
 He eventually grows up to be a very sensitive and responsible young man. He has a very tender and touching relationship with his earthly parents.
He encounters Miss Lois Lane (Amy Adams) as her job takes her to the Antarctic to report on a mysterious and strange occurrence.
When General Zod finally discovers that  Superman is living on Planet Earth, he overtakes the world's airwaves to warn everyone that there will be grave circumstances if this mysterious individual who has been living amongst them on Earth, is not turned over and surrendered to him immediately!
All chaos ensues and the Earth is under a vicious attack!
I really enjoyed this movie a lot. I thought that the characters were well cast and I really liked the storyline.
 It was fun and exciting and the special effects were a thrill ride! The relationships were touching too.
Parents be advised there is a lot is sci-fi violence and action, some mild language and a naked baby boy briefly on three occasions.
I am giving "Man Of Steel" four bags of popcorn.

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  1. I enjoyed this film! Great touching moments with the father/son parts. Most relate-able super man yet. I would have loved to see more clear moral victories for Superman as he ended up ultimately killing someone in the end (spoiler!?)


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